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I am a property owner. Why do I need a Rental Seal?

Rental Seal is a simple way to show your perspective guests you are an actual owner. Internet is very common and inexpensive service now and this leads to many fraud and scam scenarios. To pose as an owner all is needed a few pictures, nice descriptions and knowing a good area where you can advertise your “vacation rental”. Having a Rental Seal will give your guests an extra assurance about you as an owner.

In general, trust seals are good guarantees of security, and online visitors and future guests are getting increasingly used to seeing them and being assured by their presence. In a time where the call for fraud and scam in all online markets — especially in the vacation rental world where almost everything is booked online — has increased, and a potential reservation and payment for booking can be first step to lost money with a single click, a rental trust seal can be that little extra detail that will prevent that from happening.

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