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What is your verification process?

Each vacation rentals is verified in few steps:

  1. Owner provides information regarding ownership, management and other related information. We verify multiple sources of information before we issue a seal. Examples of valid evidence of ownership or right to manage a vacation rental are:
    • Vacation Home Insurance declaration page
    • Latest mortgage statement
    • Last year’s real estate tax bill
    • Real estate deeds
    • Chamber Of Commerce membership
    • BBB membership
    • Previous guest's references
    • Contracts to manage between owner and management company
    In the process of application, the owner will choose what information he/she is willing to provide to prove the ownership. We will not share any of this information with any company or agency.
  2. There is a fee to obtain the verification and seal. Current fee is $100 for the initial application for the next 12 months with an additional $30 renewal per year.
  3. Our staff will verify the information within 2 business days. We will contact you and explain the process again before we start the verification process.
  4. After your information is reviewed and your seal is issued, you will receive an email with further instructions on how to install the seal onto your website.

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