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What information and documents I have to provide to prove my ownership.

We want to assure you that none of the documents you send to us will be shared with any other parties. Each document will be encrypted with password for extra protection.

We made a list of information that you can provide to us in order to qualify for the rental seal. You have to have at least one document from this list. If you have more than one, that will expedite your application and make the process much easier.

In the event of a prospective renter inquiring about documents that you provided to verify your ownership, we will contact you to confirm that you are willing to share this information. We can only tell them that your property was manually verified and you passed the rental seal requirements.

With any submitted document, we will do some extra research and due diligence to insure the information is valid.

Papers you can submit to us:
Real estate deeds
It can be the first page from your original deed or print out from the local property appraisal web site.

Current Mortgage Statement
Page that has a property address and an owner name on it.

Last year’s real estate tax bill
A copy of the original real estate bill or print out from the local revenue or tax collection web site.

Insurance declaration page(s)
Make sure that declaration has your vacation home address and your name on it.

URL with your parcel/property data from your local tax collector or property appraisal office
Link to the page that has a property address and an owner name on it.

Chamber Of Commerce membership
Some COCs will issue a certificate of membership and some will not. Provide us with as much information for the membership you have – address, phone, URL. Tell us how long you were a member.

BBB membership
If you are a Better Business Bureau member, provide, as much information about membership is possible. Submit any proof of membership to us that you have. We value BBB membership and will be glad to verify it for you.

Rental License or Certificate
Some counties will require you to pay for a rental license or rental certificate in order to operate a vacation rental home. Submit a copy of the local authority document for proof.

Previous guest's references
We need at least 3 references from the past guests who stayed in your vacation rental for the last 12 months. It is optional for USA vacation homeowners and mandatory for non-USA vacation homeowners.

Contracts to manage between owner and the management company
If you are managing a property and don’t own it, the rental management contract is required. We will also need contact information of the property owner.

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