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How to Prevent Fraud For Your Next Vacation Rental Getaway?

Date Posted: Sunday, May 25, 2008 11:28 PM

Be Prepared: Vacation Rental Scam Prevention

It’s that time of year that everyone looks forward to – vacation time. So, you do what many vacationers set out to do, you search reputable web sites that specialize in vacation rentals. As you navigate through these sites, you come across several appealing vacation rentals. From waterfront properties, beach houses, villas, condos, townhouses and apartment homes - with state-of-the-art amenities - your choice of a vacation rental is unlimited.

On the day of check in at the vacation rental, however, you and your family soon discover that it doesn’t even exist. You had absolutely no idea that you would ever become a victim of vacation home rental fraud. Now you know. The Internet is full of savvy predators just lurking around waiting to scam vacationers out of their hard earned money.

How Vacation Rentals Scam Artists Work

The vacation rentals scammer’s job is quite simple. They duplicate attractive photos of vacation homes from the web and copy content from other legitimate vacation homes rental property listings in order to create their own fraudulent listings.   Many of these listings are exact replicas of legitimate posts, you can even tell the difference between the two.   When vacationers book for a vacation rental property from a fake listing, they soon discover the harsh reality that the vacation home they paid for is either non-existent or the vacation rental is being used by someone else.

How can vacationers protect themselves and their families from being scammed when searching online for vacation homes? Unfortunately, many vacation homes web site owners argue that they are not responsible for what happens between a buyer and seller, so-to-speak. They are simply providing vacation home owners’ affordable ad space.

Scam-Proof Your Next Vacation Home Rental Purchase

Scam prevention - also known as fraud prevention - stops vacation homes scammers dead in their tracks. This is the key to help avoid becoming a prime target of vacation homes scams. One vacation homes scam prevention measure that is an excellent weapon against fraud is called rental seal. This is known as a manual verification of property ownership. Legitimate vacation home owners are issued a seal verification. This seal proves that their property actually exists.

Most vacation homes sites receive a failing grade when it comes to offering a verification of ownership such as rental seal.   All vacation homes web sites should become well-versed in fraud prevention …but their not. When searching on the Internet for vacation homes rental properties, vacationers should feel secure in knowing that the site that they’re searching on cares about the safety of its visitors. Vacationers can now safely book their next vacation homes getaway without fear of being attacked by vacation homes scammers.

Whether you’re traveling on vacation in the summer, fall, winter or spring, you can rest assure that we care about your safety when surfing our web site for vacation homes rental properties. To find out further information about vacation homes scam prevention and our rental seal verification, contact us today.

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