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What exactly is Rental Seal?

Rental Seal is the seal that issued to the property that is advertised on Internet by owner after verification that it is indeed owned by this owner. We manually verify each property more

I am a property owner. Why do I need a Rental Seal?

Rental Seal is a simple way to show your perspective guests you are an actual owner. Internet is very common and inexpensive service now and this leads to many fraud and scam scenarios. To pose as an owner all is needed a few pictures, nice descriptions and knowing a good area where you can advertise your “vacation rental”. Having a Rental Seal will give your guests an extra assurance about you as an owner. In general, trust seals are good guarantees of security, and online visitors and future guests more

My property is outside of the USA. Can I get a Rental Seal?

In order for you to receive a Rental Seal if your property is not in the USA, you will need to provide us with ownership information as well. Additionally, you will need to provide us at least 3 USA guests who have stayed on your property in the last 3 years. We will contact them and do our best to validate your information.

Do I need to use any other services you offer?

Absolutely not! This service was started to bring more credibility to owners of our portal. By focusing on the bigger picture we realized that we should offer this service to all vacation rental owners.

What is “Web Presence” and why do you show it on the listing?

Web presence of your vacation rental is a list of all websites, pages and other on-line resources where information about your vacation rental can be found. It can more

What is the goal of Rental Seal?

We want to make online booking a safer place. We want each renter to know he is renting from a legit owner and he/she doesn’t need to be afraid to do so. The main purpose of the verification process is to assist in worry-free on-line advertised listings.